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The healing power of water

Your body needs and craves fresh, clean and vibrant water full of minerals from the earth.  Water is the fountain of youth and is the best way to reduce toxicity in your body.  The healthiest water is from a natural spring, tested of course.  The turbulence of the water against the earth increases the vibration of the water molecules and mineral content.  Drink water from a glass or glass bottle.  Plastic significantly increases your xenoestrogen levels.  Sip your water.  Think of your body as an eco-system.  If you flood your system with water it will run through, like a fast river, and it will take essential minerals with it.  If you sip regularly you will hydrate your body and the tissue will become healthy soft and supple.  Sit in the Ocean, your body will absorb minerals and releases waste.  If you can't get to the Ocean, take a high concentration Epsom salt bath.  Water is free, abundant and will help you heal. 

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